888 Casino Refer-a-Friend

Playing at Online Casino’s doesn’t have to be a risky business. Sure, there are better ways than others to win at certain games and it is possible to earn a comfortable living from playing casino games. A lot of people do it. However, something all casino players should be interested in is a way to earn money from Online Casino’s with NO RISK. That option is now available through 888 Casino’s Refer-a-Friend promotion.

If you are not a member of 888 Casino yet then you can sign up now and receive the welcome bonus of 100% up to €140 on your first deposit. Once you have registered with 888 Casino you will be eligible to take part in the refer-a-friend promotion.

888 Refer a Friend Promotion

Like 888 Casino? Do you know some friends or family that would like it also? Refer those family and friends now and you will receive £/€/$ 100 for every friend you refer. Each person you refer will also receive £/€/$ 50 on top of the usual welcome bonus.

This is an excellent offer that can earn you big money providing you find some people to refer to 888 Casino. Even if you refer just 5 people, you will receive £/€/$ 500 commission. Refer 30 people and you’ll earn £/€/$ 3,000!

Once you sign up to 888 Casino you will be given a unique link that you can pass around to your friends, family, colleagues or strangers. When they click on this link they will automatically be tracked to your account. Once they have made a deposit you will receive your £/€/$100 commission for each player in your 888 Casino player account.

How to find people to refer :

There are various ways to refer people to 888 Casino. The best thing to do is use your imagination and come up with some ways to get the word out there. Here are a few ways that I have found successful in the past in referring players to Online Casino’s:

1. Website/Blog

Do you run a website or blog? If you do, a simple post or article explaining that 888 Casino is one of the biggest and most reputable Online Casino’s on the internet should do the trick. Providing you keep your website or blog online, the article should be visable for many years to come, attracting more referrals and making you more money.

2. Twitter

Most people have a Twitter account. If you have a decent number of followers then tweet about this promotion! Post your link in Twitter and let people know that they can do the same thing if THEY refer friends also.

3. Facebook

Now I know you have a Facebook account! Let all your friends, family and colleagues know that they too can earn $/£/€ for each person they refer to 888 Casino.

4. Email

Send a mass email out to all your contacts. Send them your link and explain the process that we are explaining now. Remember not to spam people that you don’t know! Spamming is illegal.

So there you have it. A way to earn regular, unlimited money from Online Casino’s with no risk! Sign up today with 888 Casino and start referring people to earn extra cash.

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