Basic Keno Strategy

There are a lot of different games in the casino that are a lot of fun but don’t necessarily hold the best odds. The game that is known to offer a great experience but the worst odds is keno. Despite the terrible odds and being considered the worst bet in the casino, people continue to play. Knowing this, what is the best keno strategy? Is there one?

Unfortunately, there is not a tried and true keno strategy because the game really is one of luck, as there is no skill and not even any knowledge, that will help you improve your chances of winning. Why? Because you pick the numbers and you hope that luck is on your side and that your number selections are chosen. While the game is all about luck, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances. These are not strategies that are going to work all the time for every player, but they might help increase your chances a bit or at least make the game more interesting to play.

Chasing the pack is a common strategy that keno players utilize. Chasing the pack means you should be playing the numbers that you have seen come up time and time again. If you keep seeing the number 20 come up, why wouldn’t you choose 20? This is a simple strategy and many players find that it works well time aftertime, though it really is all about luck!

You might also want to chase the strays. This means that you should attempt to choose the numbers that you have not seen being drawn at all. If you keep seeing the same numbers come up it is great to rely on it to come up again, but the other numbers have to come up eventually, so it’s a good idea to mix up your numbers with some being repeated again and again and others not being seen at all.

If you have a set of numbers that you prefer for one reason or another you can continue to play them. Why would you do this? Because if you haven’t won with the numbers yet chances are that you will win eventually because most of the numbers will come up sooner or later. Remember, it’s all about luck.

As you can see, there are a lot of different options, but none of them are a true strategy that will ensure that you will win. In fact, every number that you choose has an equal chance of getting picked, so you really can’t go wrong, you just don’t know how right anything will be, either! It is the unknown of this game that really does make it exciting for those who play. While keno is known as the worst bet in the casino, many people continue to play because it is simple, straight forward, fast paced, and there is a small chance that you can win, so why not?

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