Basic Let ‘Em Ride Strategy

The Let ‘em ride poker variant has been around for years and has enjoyed a growing level of popularity in the brick and mortar casinos as well as the online casinos. This game of poker is unique because the player is playing against the house and doesn’t compete against the dealer or even other players. This game of poker is also unique because it is played with just one deck of cards.

The object of Let ‘em Ride is to create a winning poker hand that consists of a pair of 10’s or higher using all five cards on the table. In Let ‘em ride a player is dealt three cards, all face up, and then two cards are dealt face down in front of the dealer. The cards in front of the dealer are known as the community cards and they are used to complete the player’s hand.

Having a strategy will not guarantee that you will win the game, but it will put you in a better position against the house. A basic let it ride strategy might include:

Always raise when you have a three card hand that is just three cards to a straight flush or when two of the three cards are an Ace, a King, a Queen, or a Jack. You should also raise when you are three cards to a straight flush with only one gap and one of the cards is 10 or greater. You should also consider raising when you have three suited connectors, when you are three cards to a royal flush, or when any hand is a pair of tens or better.

If you are playing four card let ‘em ride you should consider leaving your bet in or raising when you have more promising hands. For instance, if you have four cards to any open end straight, if you are just four cards to a flush, if any hand is a pair of tens or better, or if you are four cards to a gutshot or insight straight. Of course, you should always raise if all four of your cards are 10’s or greater.

If you are new to Let ‘em ride or these strategies it is a good idea to test out the strategies with free games. Most online casinos will offer you the ability to play three games. This will allow you to memorize the strategies and put them to work. It will also allow you to gain confidence with the game, which is important because it is a very fast paced poker game! If you are looking for a new poker variant to play and enjoy, let ‘em ride may be just what you are looking for!

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