Beginner Video Poker Guide

Video poker has never been that popular in online casinos because most people stick to the online slots. What most people don’t know is that video poker slots have a much better payout rate than slot machines. You won’t be able to win the huge progressive jackpots that you can win on certain slot machines, but you can grind up a nice profit if you’re smart about how you play video poker.

The payout rate starts at 97% for video poker, but most of the machines have higher payouts. When you play the majority of video poker slots with the maximum number of credits per spin you can have payout percentages that range from 98%-100%+, which is far better than every other game in the casino. In order to lower the house edge you need to use proper video poker strategy, but thankfully there are plenty of video poker strategy charts available online that you can follow.

The most commonly played variation of video poker is Jacks or Better and most people start out by learning that game. It’s one of the easiest video poker games to learn strategy wise and every online casino offers some form of Jacks or Better. You need to make sure you spend time going through several online casinos and checking out the video poker slot paytables. Playing on a video poker slot with the best payout is important for not only making money, but to ensure you get lots of entertainment for your investment.

What I love about video poker is that you can win a huge amount of money without spending much and the game also allows you to break even a lot of the time. Hitting a royal flush on most video poker slots happens about once every 40K hands, which means that it happens fairly often in online casinos. No matter what video poker slot you decide to play you need to make sure you always play optimally using the best strategy even though it may not seem like the right play at the time.

Every online casino has video poker slots and many of them are slots no download that you can play directly in your web browser. Generally there are over a dozen different types of video poker slots in an online casino and most of them will have fairly low payout percentages. The online casinos want you to play the worst paying video poker slots so it’s important you check through them all to find out which one has the best payout percentage.

If you have the patience to play video poker following a strategy chart it isn’t uncommon to make some money from these machines. Most people lose money playing because they don’t use the proper strategy, but if you make all the right plays based on the odds you’ll end up usually doing fine. Don’t forget to make take advantage of any sign-up bonus being offered by the casino you play with before you start playing video poker slots.

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