Best Badugi Poker Sites

Badugi isn’t that popular of a poker game in many countries, but in Asia it’s a popular poker game. Badugi was actually created in Asia, but it’s now available to play online at several real money poker sites. The rules of Badugi differ from most popular poker games such as Texas Holdem and Omaha, so you should make sure you understand all of the rules before you begin playing.

The basics of Badugi are simple to learn, but you should read over all of the rules before playing for real money. In Badugi you get dealt 4 cards and the goal is to have the lowest possible hand. You don’t want to have pairs in your hand and you also don’t want to have the same suit in your hand. The best hand is A-2-3-4 of different suits in Badugi, so you should aim to have close to that when playing.

Best Badugi Poker Sites

Badugi has become available in online poker rooms a lot more in recent years. Several excellent poker sites have Badugi poker games running although some of them don’t have too many Badugi poker games running daily.

  • #1 Badugi Poker Site – Lock Poker

Lock Poker is one of the most popular skins on the Merge Network and they offer Badugi games regularly. Lock Poker has one of the best selections of poker games and if you read over a Lock Poker review you’ll be able to find out more about all of the poker games you can play at Lock Poker for real money. When Badugi poker games aren’t running you’ll be able to try out some of the other poker games offered by Lock Poker.

  • #2 Badugi Poker Site – PokerStars

PokerStars has been running smoothly since Black Friday and its back to business as usual. US players can’t play at PokerStars anymore, but anyone else can sit down and enjoy a Badugi poker game or tournament. Badugi games run daily and there are even small Badugi tournaments that run everyday at PokerStars, which makes them one of the best Badugi poker sites by a longshot.

  • #3 Badugi Poker Site – Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is another poker room that’s a member of the Merge Network. Badugi is available at Carbon Poker, but we prefer playing at Lock Poker due to the sleek design that they have. Carbon Poker offers a lot of side games in their poker room such as blackjack and roulette, which is one of the main reasons we like playing Badugi Poker here once in awhile.

If you’re looking to join the best Badugi poker site we recommend Lock Poker right now. Badugi games run regularly and the stakes start low, which is great for new players trying to learn the game better. Lock Poker has a bigger bonus than the other two Badugi Poker sites as well, which is why they’re #1. If you decide to play Badugi Poker at Lock Poker make sure you use the Lock Poker bonus code “LOCK150” when on the deposit screen in the cashier area.

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