Best Paypal Casinos

Paypal is the biggest electronic wallet that allows accountholders in nearly 200 countries to send and receive money online. You need to open a free Paypal account in order to use the service. Once you open an account you need to confirm your account by attaching a credit card or bank account to the account. You can fund your Paypal account using a credit card or bank account and once the money is on the account you can spend it on almost anything you want online.

Several European and UK online gambling sites are allowed to accept Paypal payments, but only from players in certain countries. If you don’t live in the UK or Europe you won’t be able to use Paypal to deposit money into an online casino. Many countries in Europe aren’t allowed to use Paypal as a deposit option into online gambling sites either, so you need to find out if the online casino you want to play with will accept Paypal deposits from your country before you do anything else.

Best Paypal Casinos

  • Betfair Casino allows Paypal deposits from players that live in the UK only. The minimum deposit is only £5 when you make a deposit and the minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is only £1. Paypal withdrawals are processed into your Paypal account within 24 hours, which means you get your money very quickly.
  • Ladbrokes Casino also accepts Paypal as a payment method from players in various countries. If you live in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Greece or Ireland, you’ll be able to use Paypal to fund and withdraw money from your Ladbrokes account. The minimum deposit is only £10 and withdrawals can be in your Paypal account as quick as 6 hours after asking for the withdrawal.
  • 888 Casino will also accept Paypal deposits from players that live in Sweden, UK, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Denmark. The minimum deposit is £20 when you use Paypal and every deposit is processed instantly, so you can begin playing right after you make your deposit.

The majority of online casinos aren’t allowed to accept Paypal deposits and most countries can’t use Paypal for online gambling, but as you can see, there are some countries that can use Paypal. The online casinos listed above also operate a sportsbook on the same platform and players can transfer money from the sportsbook to the casino and vice versa. Paypal is by far one of the most convenient online casino payment methods for the players that can use the e-wallet to fund their accounts.

Only the best online casinos in the European and UK markets can accept Paypal and it’s because they also have a sportsbook on the same platform. The shared wallet feature on these sites allow players to transfer money from wallet to wallet, which means players can play any of the casino games in the online casinos above by using Paypal as their deposit method.

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