Best Places to play poker in 2011

A lot of changes have happened so far in 2011 regarding online poker and how online poker will progress in the coming years. Since black friday and so many poker rooms dropping out of the US market we find a lot of online poker players asking just where the best place to play poker is online.

Options for US players

Poker players residing in the USA are finding it more and more difficult to find a decent online poker room to play at. We all know Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars are now out of the US market. Those two poker rooms alone left millions of US players looking for new tables. This seemed like great news for poker rooms such as Carbon Poker, Lock Poker and the many others on the ever growing Merge network. However, recently, all poker rooms on Merge skins announced they would not be accepting new players from the US, although we have been assured that this is only a temporary issue and new US players will again be accepted in the near future. Can we believe them? Well, that is for another article. But for now we have to deal with what we have got. So what options do US poker players have now? At the moment the answer is not many. The only reputable rooms left accepting US players are on the Everleaf, Cake and Intertops networks. These include rooms such as Cake Poker, Doyles Room, Intertops and True Poker.

Options for non-US players

Count yourself lucky if you are a poker player not living in the US. Your options are much greater. Although all the news about Full TIlt and Pokerstars may have worried some non-US players, these poker rooms, along with most others, continue to accept non-US players as normal. Some of the poker rooms we recommend for non-us players are: PKR – still a leading 3D poker room despite the introduction of additional 3D rooms and some webcam poker rooms such as PokerView, Party Poker and our favourite – Titan Poker. Titan Poker are currently offering an excellent 100% deposit bonus up to $500 + an additional $25 completely FREE. Remember to enter your Titan Poker Bonus Code TR500 when signing up to ensure you are eligible for the promotion.

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