Best Spread Betting Firms in the UK

Spread betting is a very fast growing industry in the UK and more individual investors have been learning how the market works as well as how they can start profiting from the markets. When you buy stocks you can only make money if your shares rise in price, but in the financial spread betting industry you can make money from a stock going up or down. In order to begin making spread bets you need to open an account with a licensed broker and if you live in the UK there are lots of spread betting firms that you can join with a minimal upfront investment.

Best Spread Betting Firms in UK

There are a lot of UK financial spread betting sites in the industry right now that are open to individual investors with varying amounts of money to invest. With so many different spread betting firms on the market it’s difficult to know who to invest with, but we’re here to make your decision a lot easier to make. Below is a list of the 5 of the top spread betting firms in the UK based on many factors including the investing platform, company reputation, spread betting options and much more.

  • World Spreads is very popular amongst UK investors because it allows you to invest in 10 markets. You can earn up to $300 cashback within your first eight weeks of being on the platform.
  • Finspreads is also a popular spread betting firm in the UK and it’s open to investors with a small amount of capital to begin investing with. Finspreads is one of the few UK spread betting firms that has a mobile application that’ll allow you to open and close trades on the fly.
  • City Index is another mobile friendly spread betting company in the UK and it’s always ranked amongst the top firms in the region. City Index offers lots of betting markets and their software is completely unique, which means there may be a bit of a learning curve initially.
  • TD Waterhouse is one of the biggest names in the financial spread betting industry in the UK and they’ve been trying to become a bigger player in the market. You can view lots of real-time news updates and charts on a daily basis using the TD Waterhouse spread betting platform. If you’re going to invest and manage your own money you should really look at opening an account with TD Waterhouse because you’ll be able to do basically everything with the company.

Spread betting is a great way to make money in the financial markets without using much capital, but you can also lose a lot of money due to the fact that all your spread bets have a big margin. You can reap daily rewards in the spread betting markets, but you need to do a ton of research and you need to be able to understand a lot about the financial markets or else you’re going to be simply gambling, which is something you never want to do while investing.

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