Bet365 Leaves Philippine Gambling Market

Bet365, the United Kingdom based betting company, announced that they have stopped providing t gambling services in the Philippines. Players who were registered with the casino in the Philippines have received notifications as of the 19th of February letting them know that their accounts will be closed effective the 25th of February 25th.

When Bet365 was asked as to why they stopped offering their gambling services in the Philippines they didn’t respond and chose to voluntarily exit the market after a review of operations was conducted. The result determined it was in the interest of bet365 to leave this market at this stage but reverses the right to re-enter it at a later date.

The good news behind this story is that Bet365 did leave the door open that could potentially allow for them to resume their services in the country. Bet365 noted that the review that was conducted due to customer accounts and player activity failing to meet objectives. We are unsure as to what this means and what is going to happen in the future with Bet365 in the region.

Players have been advised to withdrawal their funds from the casino before the closure but found that their accounts had been frozen. This caused a lot of backlash for the firm in which Bet365 commented saying, “All players who had their accounts frozen will receive their money in a matter of time. Due to certain rules by the Philippine government we cannot allow for any winnings to be removed from player accounts. This is because of a governmental review on the player accounts and activity that recently has occurred over the last few months.”

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