Big Kahuna Slot from Microgaming goes Mobile

Mobile players will soon be able to add the slot called Big Kahuna, to their favourite playlist. Software developer Microgaming announced that the slot will be released on mobile in early 2015.

Big Kahuna Slot offers vibrant graphics on 5 reels with 9 paylines that suggests a visit to the jungle with Tiki doll curses, delivering a winning holiday. The theme is extended through symbols of various tropical fruits such as healthy watermelons, oranges, kiwi fruit, berries, litchis and wooden carved masks, Tiki doll, lizards, volcanic mountains and an over active monkey.

The game offers wild symbols and scatter symbols. Two bonus rounds entertains players with the first bonus round triggered once 3 volcano symbols appears on the reels. The game progresses to a second screen and the player needs to choose a fruit offering for the volcano. The fruits are offered in 5 different fruit combinations that is presented as faces and once a face is dropped into the volcano a cash prize reward is revealed.

The second bonus round triggers when 3 or more wooden carved masks teams up on the reels where once again players are treated to another screen. This time 10 masks are presented in a “pick a mask” bonus round with each mask revealing a bonus reward.

Microgaming developed a new casino app for windows smartphones that is available from the Windows Phone Store. The app will be suitable for running on devices that are running on the 8.0 and 8.i OS and offers a variety of 35 games from the Microgaming library that include table games, video poker and online slots. Once the game launches in 2015 on the mobile platform, it will be able to accessible using Android, Microsoft tablets, Apple and smartphones.

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