Bingo Hollywood Guaranteed Jackpots

Bingo Hollywood launched in 2010 on the Dragonfish Network and they’ve already been advertising on the TV in the UK and that has helped them gain a steady flow of new players joining the bingo portal. One of the awesome promotions that players will be able to participate in at Bingo Hollywood includes the Guaranteed Jackpot bingo games.

We’re going to take a look at the bingo games with guaranteed jackpots at Bingo Hollywood below. To ensure that no players are left out of the jackpot bingo games, Bingo Hollywood allows players to pre-purchase bingo cards. You’ll find a full list of the Bingo Hollywood guaranteed jackpots listed on their website. Internet bingo has become a very competitive industry and that’s why so many bingo rooms have been revamping their promotions recently.

Bingo Hollywood Guaranteed Jackpots

Players can win £1000’s from playing in the guaranteed jackpot bingo games at Bingo Hollywood and the best thing about these bingo games is that the prize pool can never be smaller than the guaranteed amount. If enough players don’t join to cover the prize pool the money is added from the bingo site and this is known as an “Overlay”.

  • The “Big Easy” has a guaranteed jackpot of £20 and the game is free to play in. Players can buy 1 -6 tickets and the bingo games are held at 6:30PM, 7:30PM, 8:30PM, 9:30PM and 10:30PM daily.
  • The “Silver Streak” is held every night at 8:15PM and each bingo card costs 10p. The game will have a guaranteed jackpot of £100 and players are allowed to pre-purchase 1 – 96 bingo cards for the game each night.
  • The “Hollywood Nights” bingo game is held nightly at 9PM and will have a guaranteed prize pool of £150 or £250 depending upon what day of the week it is. Players can buy 1 – 96 bingo cards and each will cost 25p or 50p depending upon the size of the guaranteed prize pool.
  • The “1000 Stars” bingo game is held every Saturday night at 10PM. The guaranteed prize pool is a whopping £1000 and each bingo card will cost £1. Players can pre-purchase bingo cards for the 1000 Stars bingo game and are allowed up to 96 cards.
  • The “Blockbuster Bingo” game is held once a month on the last Friday of the month at 8PM. The cost per bingo card is only £1 and players can purchase up to 96 bingo cards for the game if they wish. This is easily the biggest jackpot bingo game at Bingo Hollywood every month and we highly recommend playing in the bingo game.

There are a few smaller daily guaranteed jackpot bingo games available at Bingo Hollywood. Bingo players can pre-purchase bingo cards for each of the guaranteed jackpot bingo games and you’ll definitely have tons of fun playing in them. This is only one of the many daily promotions at the Bingo Hollywood site and we recommend checking out the rest. You can read over a full Bingo Hollywood review to learn more about one of the fastest growing bingo sites in the United Kingdom.

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