Boss Media Software

Starting out in 1996, the Swedish based company Boss Media hit the headlines by offering a multilingual casino software provider company. Offering their programs in 11 different languages has opened the doors to many more customers such as German, French, Russian and of course Swedish.

Their continual growth has been largely due to their upgrades and amendments. This keeps their software at the cutting edge of online casinos. Bwin and Casino-Club are the main users of Boss Media software.

Boss Media has thirty games which it provides for their clients. Whilst it may be a little fewer than others, they have really focussed their attention on the quality rather than quantity. Providing such amazing games as Black Jack, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat, there is something for everyone. There is multiplayer Roulette which adds in a little extra diversity with the game line up.

Slot and video poker feature heavily in Boss Media software. They also are the majority of tournaments and progressive games which are present.

Each and every game is minutely detailed, right down to the reflections from the metallic objects, such as the Roulette wheel.

Another area Boss Media software excels in is their sound effects. Not only do they add to the atmosphere, they create a fun and exciting place for all of their players.

Offering their software in two different ways, Boss Media provides players with web based instant access games and a download version. The instant play games are less impressive and fewer, but are still addictive and exciting to play.

The download version takes a few minutes to obtain, then all of the hugely realistic games are free to play. Many tournaments and progressive games are present to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Boss Media are high on the list when it comes to providing tournaments. Their video poker and video slots have attracted thousands of players, all playing for the same fantastic jackpot. Sometimes the prize money can run as high as $10,000, which is great for just spending a little time at the computer.

Multiplayer games are taken up by Black Jack. Adding in more spaces, helps players player, not only against the dealer but with real players. This player interactivity helps Boss Media software become more popular with avid or professional casino gamblers.

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