Casino Bonus Whoring

Casino Bonus Whoring

Casino whoring is a term that refers to earning bonus money at online casinos. Today internet casinos really are a dime a dozen. There are new ones opening up every day and most of them offer about the same type of games. The result is that a consumer can choose any one of these casinos and likely be just as satisfied as if they had joined any other. The casinos are intelligent enough to know this, so they need to make their website more appealing than all the rest. Because they offer the same games and the same software even, in some instances, they need something that will allow them to stand out. What is that? Bonuses.

This is where casino whoring comes from…now you are able to play for the casino bonus at one site only for the bonus money and not for chance. You can go from site to site playing for this money and actually seeing the results in winnings deposited in your accounts. While some of the smaller casinos will limit what games you can play, the bigger casinos really open up your options and make playing just for the money and not the chance easier than ever before.

Your casino whoring should start with opening an account with Neteller or Moneybookers. These are online payment companies that most online casinos like to do business with. When you use these services you will not have to provide the casinos with your private financial information and the casinos will usually allow for instant deposits and withdrawals when you use these methods. Start by putting just $200 into the account.

To get started with your casino whoring you should keep it simple and safe so you can walk away with money. Blackjack is a great game to consider when you are interested in casino whoring. You should always play small wagers, as small wagers offer less of a chance that you will experience a losing streak and bust. You should also use guides to maximize your odds with every hand that you play. Additionally, don’t become overwhelmed by the casino. If you don’t know how to do something, ask for live support or email the casino. There is no shame in asking for help…especially if it will help you walk away with more money.

You should avoid doing things that will put your casino whoring attempts at risk. For instance, you should avoid increasing the size of your wager, especially if you are losing. Don’t be tempted by chasing the losses, you’ll win eventually and if you continue to lose you won’t run through the bonus as quickly if you have small wagers than if you have larger ones. You should also avoid completing one bonus under your deposit and then withdrawing and whoring another bonus. Simply move on when you’re done, there are plenty of casinos to enjoy!