announces The Grand Festive Race for the holidays is gearing up for the big day with its annual Grand Festive Race. This is one race you will not want to miss out on as it offers some fantastic prizes for all who enter and some special prizes for those who top the leaderboard.

You can win prizes such as iPhone 5, a Sony Laptop, iPad, some free cash and even a trip to Paris!

The race will run December 10th to January 6, 2013. To enter the Grand Festive Race all you need to do is opt in, earn your points while playing and follow your progress on the leaderboard.

Here is a list of what you can win!

1: Holiday to Disneyland, Paris valued at $4000!

2: Apple iPhone 5 16GB

3: New Sony Vaio laptop

4: New iPad with Wi-Fi – 16GB

5: Xbox 360 250GB & Kinect

6: Sony 3D Blu Ray home cinema

7: 4 prizes of $200 in CASH!

8: 5 prizes of $150 in CASH!

9: 5 prizes of $125 in CASH!

10: 5 prizes of $100 in CASH

11:15 prizes of a $100 bonus

12: 39 prizes of a $75 bonus

13:24 prizes of a $50 bonus

14:200 prizes of a $20 bonus

15: 200 prizes of a $5 bonus

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