Casino Games are a Bonus for Bingo

A common misconception that people who are unfamiliar with online bingo have is that bingo sites only host bingo games. When discussing the seemingly endless assortment of “other games” to play at these types of gaming sites, many of us are initially shocked. One of the best-kept secrets in the online gaming industry is that you can find the best casino games at some of the more popular bingo sites of all places.

Such a discovery comes as a surprise and frequently leads many an online gaming fanatic to seek out bonuses and gaming at the best bingo sites around. Most people who play bingo also enjoy playing other games, so offering these other games is quite natural and adds value to the players and potential players. It is not uncommon at all to come across your favourite table games (blackjack, roulette, table poker), instant games (scratch cards & keno), and slots games (with and without progressive jackpots) when you open an online bingo account.

Just like online casinos, the various online bingo sites are often part of a network as they pool their players together with other sites sharing the same bingo software networks. In addition to sharing players, they also share common games. This means there is room to shop around for the best bonuses and offers currently available. There are different networks and many different sites who share the same network so you if you like both bingo and casino games, you can figure out which types of games you enjoy playing, find your ideal network and then focus down further to find the sites with the best offers and bonuses on that platform.

Whilst this process sounds a bit extensive and “could” require a bit of research on your part, we know of a portal that has already done the legwork in matching you up with your ideal site & best current promos, prizes, games, and bonuses online. The folks behind are experts in the online gaming and bingo industries and have spent considerable time rating, ranking, and categorizing the best bingo sites based on a variety of important criterion. Their reports provide marks for the sites they track across important categories such as games selection, current offers, bonuses, payment methods, and reputation. They have even gone so far as to organize the sites into categories so that you can quickly decide what is important to you and then straight away, you can find the ideal site at which to play – so if you are a fan of bingo and other games, we think you’d be cheating yourself if you didn’t pay this portal a visit.

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