€100 000 Lucky Raffle at LuckyDino Casino

This week LuckyDino casino announced a new exclusive promotion, a €100 000 Lucky Raffle. The raffle offers players a Lucky double scratch card. Each player receives two free scratch cards, which offers a top prize of €100 000.

The exciting raffle was presented on a luxurious purple background sizzling with stars, presenting two lucky scratch cards. The first scratch card offer wins up to €100 and the second larger card offer wins up to €100 000. The player need three of a kind to win. Firstly a scratch tool needs to be selected and 3 different scratch tools includes a green 5 000 casino chip, a golden star pendant and a red cufflink with a lion emblem. Once the player selected their scratch tool the fun really starts and all that is left is to decide which of the cards to scratch first.

The paytable is based on 1,000,000 tickets and presents the breakdown with 250,000 wins of €2, 100,000 wins of €5, 10,000 wins of 10, 4,000 tickets to win €25, wins of €50 included on 2,000 tickets, €100 wins on 1,000 tickets and then the biggest wins will include 5 tickets of €10 000 and 2 lucky tickets that rewards €100,000. The total of winnings adds up to 1,700 000 million based on 1,000,000 tickets.

Players can click on the buy ticket to start playing at €2, or click on the demo to play for fun. The game also offers a scratch all to reveal option all amounts at once. The sound effects on the game can be switched on or off.

LuckyDino offers fantastic daily promotions on their Facebook wall that includes rewards of free spins, raffles and new game announcements. If you are not yet part of the LuckyDino family, register and receive 7 free spins with no obligations and no deposit is required.

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