How to Play Keno

Keno is offered in most casinos around the world, whether they are the brick and mortar variety or the online variety. Despite being offered all around the world, the game is just being discovered by many who want to play but feel intimidated by the game. Of all of the games in the casino, this is not one that you need to be intimidated by. It is very easy to play, you don’t need to memorize card values or strategies, it is a game with no learning curve, so you can jump right in and enjoy.

To play and enjoy keno you have to select at least four but not more than 10 numbers that fall between one and 80. Each number that you select is known as your spot. So, if you choose eight numbers you are playing an eight spot game and if you choose 10 numbers you are playing a 10 spot game, and so on. You’ll mark the numbers that you want and then you’ll place your wager on these numbers. It really is up to you on how many spots you would like to bet on. Some people always stick with the minimum, others the maximum, and others always stay somewhere in between just for good measure.

After bets have been placed, randomly chosen balls will be drawn and if your number selections are drawn you win. Each time the keno balls are drawn there are 20 numbers, so you have a fair chance of winning each time. If enough of your numbers are drawn you can win even bigger, so the more spots that you wager on the more you stand to win. Of course, the more spots you wager on the bigger the loss if none of your numbers are drawn that round.

The benefit of keno is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started. A lot of casinos offer the games with minimum bets of just five cents and some casinos start at one dollar bets. Regardless, this is a fast paced, exciting game that will not cost you a fortune and you have somewhat good chances of having your numbers drawn. There are many different strategies that are talked about, but you should remember that this really is a game of chance and any one number has just as good a chance of being chosen as another.

Keno is not one of the best games in the casino in terms of your odds of winning. In any one keno game your chances of hitting one number is .25%. This means that keno is one of the worst bets that you can make in the casino, but that doesn’t mean that it is not fun. It is a game of pure chance so there is not much of a strategy, you just need to go in with the idea that you could lose it all, or you could win it all. Of course, the chance of losing it all is part of the excitement associated with this game!

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