How to Play Let ‘em Ride

Let ‘em ride is a variation of poker that is quite popular in brick and mortar casinos as well as in online casinos. This game of poker is unique because the player is playing against the house and doesn’t compete against the dealer or even other players. This variation of poker is played from a single 52 card deck of cards.

In Let ‘em ride a player is dealt three cards, all face up, and then two cards are dealt face down in front of the dealer. The cards in front of the dealer are known as the community cards and they are used to complete the player’s hand. The idea of the game is to create a winning poker hand that consists of a pair of 10’s or higher using all five cards on the table.

The player will be required to play an ante bet and then he or she will need to decide if they want to raise the original bet by the same amount or continue without a raise to the next round of game play. At this point, the dealer’s first down card will be shown. The player will again have another opportunity to raise or continue. If the player chooses to raise the bet is increased by the original amount. After the player raises or continues, the dealer will show their last down card.

The last card is shown and the player’s hand is evaluated. A player will win when they have a pair of 10’s or higher and they use all five cards shown. The player will lose if they do not have at least a pair of tens in the five cards. The payouts for this game really do depend on the hand that is created with the five cards. For instance, a Royal flush will pay out at a rate of 1000 to 1. A straight flush will pay out at 200 to one. A four of a kind of 50 to one, a full house 11:1 and it goes on to where a pair of 10’s or better pay out at just one to one.

As you can see the more difficult or unlikely the hand is to put together the higher the pay out will be. This is why it is important to know when to raise or when to continue. If you raise and you don’t have a hand that will support some type of winning it is best to simply continue. Having a let ‘em ride strategy will help you be as successful as possible when playing the game. Having a strategy and sticking to it throughout game play is even more important because once you do one thing you need to be certain that you see it through at least one game. There are many different strategies to consider, so if you are new to the game you would be well advised to study and consider your strategic options and then play some free games so you can see which ones work best for you.

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