Live Bingo vs. Online Bingo

Bingo halls are fairly popular in certain countries around the world, but they’re definitely not as popular as they were before the internet came along. Online bingo sites have really grabbed a large market share of bingo players because it’s much easier to sign-in to an online bingo site to play bingo than it is to play bingo in your local bingo hall. We’re going to take a look at some of the similarities and differences between live vs online bingo throughout the rest of this guide.


Bingo players love to interact with other players and it’s one of the main reasons people play bingo. Meeting new people at a bingo hall is a great way to meet new friends, but it’s now really easy to meet people in online bingo rooms as well. Bingo Cams is an online bingo site that allows players to chat with each other while playing bingo and you can even chat privately with other players using a webcam if you want.

Online bingo communities have become huge and consist of players around the world. You’ll definitely be able to meet other bingo players in your region and you meet a wide range of individuals in online bingo rooms. A lot of people don’t like going to a local bingo hall, but they don’t mind signing into an online bingo site like Bingo Cams and playing bingo from the comfort of their home.


When you play live bingo in a local bingo hall you can earn some promotions, but you won’t receive deposit bonuses. Online bingo sites offer new players bonuses and loyal players can often claim reload bonuses. You won’t become rich from bingo bonuses, but they’ll double your bankroll in most cases and allow you to play a lot more bingo for free.

Online bingo sites also offer lots of promotions including vacations and many other amazing prizes that you won’t be able to win in 99% of the bingo halls around the world. Everyday there are lots of jackpots that players can win playing online bingo due to the number of bingo players that play online. Overall you’re going to be treated a lot better playing with an online webcam bingo site like Bingo Cams compared to playing in your local bingo hall.


Online bingo has gone through a lot of changes in the past decade to make the experience as real as possible and some bingo rooms are now on the right path. Webcam bingo can be played in only a couple online bingo sites including Bingo Cams and it allows you to chat on webcam with other bingo players while you’re playing. If you love interacting with other bingo players while playing you’ll love playing webcam bingo and the best thing is you don’t even need to leave your house.

Online bingo is extremely safe as long as you stick with the best bingo sites and don’t join any of the cookie cutter sites that pop-up all the time in the industry. Another great feature about playing online bingo at a site like Bingo Cams is the fact that you’ll be able to chat with multiple bingo hosts while you’re playing using webcam if you’d like.

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