LuckyDino Greets 2015 with 50% Bonus

Players at the LuckyDino Casino have already got their New Year’s Eve plans laid out. Imagine starting off 2015 with a big win! LuckyDino wishes all their players a prosperous 2015 and offers a 50% reload match bonus up to £/€100 on New Year’s Eve. This could be the safest and best party ever with incredible wins!

LuckyDino started 2014 with a goal to give 29 billion free spins away and players have been spoiled with numerous free spins in a large variety of innovative promotions throughout the year. DecemberSaurus, presented players with 1 free spin every day and a chance to win their share of 12.000 free spins and €1.111. The promotion was set around the casino’s generous offering of huge free spin give-aways, with daily winners who ended up in the top 5 positions, winning even more free spins. The top 5 qualified with the highest wins of the day from the single free spin. The number one spot offered 100 free spins, 2nd spot 80 free spins, 60 free spins to the 3rd place, with the 4th place awarding 40 and the 5th place winner got 20 free spins. Daily winners was also automatically added to the weekly lucky draw with even more free spin prizes and the winner got showered with 300 free spins. The promotion ends with a grand finale prize of €1.111.

LuckyDino announced their latest promotion called: Share Dino and get unlimited free spins. The Dino’s latest promotion offers “Refer-a-friend” on their Facebook promotional wall, anyone who are a member of the social network can get a unique Facebook sharing link and when their friends uses the link to make their initial deposit, 100 free spins will be awarded to the person who shared the link.

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