Microgaming makes charitable donation to the tune of £32,000

Microgaming has once again made a charitable donation to a number of charities. Microgaming has been known to make charitable contributions throughout the years with its latest being £32,000 to four different charities. This latest donation was made through the “Holiday Season Client Gift Program” that focuses on donating to other charities.

The four charities each received £7,500 with those being:

• Chiva, a charity that was established in 2002. They work with a network of doctors who provide health care for children who have HIV. Prior to becoming their own charity, Chiva was a major part of the British HIV Association and still work closely with the association. Chiva became their own charity in 2008 when they expanded their work.

•WWF Conservation Fund, a group dedicated to the preservation of at risk species. They provide assistance to those animals by preserving habitats, tackling threats, influencing policy, empowering local communities and science.

• Cure Cancer, an Australian Cancer Charity. Through various events and fundraising, Cure Cancer donates money to doctors on the verge of panicle science that will help find a cure for Cancer. One of the most profitable events that they hold on a regular basis are Dog Walks that generates thousands in valuable resource monies.

• British Red Cross in Asia. The British Red Cross works throughout the world, impacting countries through health aid, food aid and more. Currently the major call to arms for the British Red Cross is Syria and the children who have had to face three years of conflict. They are working to help them cope with the effects of war through donations.

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