Mobile Casino Bonus Guide

Online casinos opened up a whole new world to casino players and gave them the chance to play from anywhere as long as they had their computer and Internet access. However, the online casinos have now led to mobile casinos. Mobile casinos offer even more freedom to players as they don’t even have to have their computer with them. They can log into their player account from their mobile device and play. Since most people always have their mobile device on them, this means they can play anytime the mood strikes.

One of the other benefits mobile casinos offer which is much like the online casinos is they are known for providing players with bonuses. Much like online casino bonuses, mobile casino bonuses can also offer players quite a good sum of money that they can put toward playing even more games, thereby further increasing their odds of winning. Here are some of the more popular mobile casino bonuses players can find:

No Deposit Bonus – A no deposit bonus is one a player can get when they register on the casino. The good thing about these bonuses is a player doesn’t have to deposit real money in order to receive the bonus. Most of these types of bonuses give players credits. However, the players can use those credits in order to play in the real money games and keep the winnings. No deposit bonuses tend to be relatively small in comparison to deposit bonuses and are much harder to find. However, if you are looking to try out a mobile casino without depositing your own money then there are a range of no deposit mobile casinos that allow you to play the games without a deposit. Although no real money is being bet, it gives you a chance to try out the casino games offered before you deposit your money.

Deposit Bonus – A deposit bonus gives new players a bonus when they join a mobile casino and make their first deposit into their account. These bonuses can be offered in the form of actual cash or credits. One thing about the deposit bonuses players should know is they generally need to clear it and the requirements for clearing it will vary depending on the casino. Some mobile casinos extend their bonus beyond your first deposit. For example Platinum Play Mobile Casino offers news players a 100% bonus up to €50 on their first TWO deposits.

Reload Bonuses – A reload bonus is a bonus which is given to players when they make deposits after their initial deposit. Some mobile casinos offer this bonus each time a player deposits more into their account. Other mobile casinos offer it for specific deposits.

Referral Bonus – A referral bonus is given to players when they refer others to the mobile casino. There will be certain requirements which need to be met before the referring player will have access to their bonus.

Since each one of the mobile casinos will offer their own types of bonuses and the amount of the bonuses will vary, players need to be sure they read the given information on each casino they look at. Some players have become very good at making the bonuses work for them and have achieved much larger mobile casino bankrolls in part by using those bonuses. Any player looking into mobile casinos should consider learning all about the bonuses at each one of them.

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