Net Entertainment set to release Go Bananas!

The maximum win of 140,000 coins has caused the group to Go Bananas! This group is made up of tarsier, langur, baboon, orangutan and the gorillas all acting mischievously. If you are not careful one of the bananas they carelessly throw from the stage is bound to hit your head! Since the news of the new release by Net Entertainment they are all acting up.

The stage became their show off place as each one tries to turn as many of the symbols on the green reels, to more golden bananas than the previous one did. This once peaceful game has now gone into a full on competition to see who changes the most symbol in his own unique way. While the drums provide the rhythm the contestants line up and now each will have their way to proof the winning with their wild way. First up is little Tarsier who turns 2, followed by wild Langur who manage to turn 3 horizontally, wild baboon gets the crowd to make some noise and turns 3 vertically, now its wild orangutans turn who manages to turn 4 symbols and the wild gorilla uses all his power and do the unthinkable by changing 5 symbols!

Net Entertainment has once again proved why they are the award winning company for 4 years in a row from the 2014EGRB2B Awards with prestigious titles including Mobile supplier of the year, Slot provider of the year, RGN supplier of the year and Live Casino supplier of the year. With 15 years of experience coupled with 45 years of land- based experience they are the market leaders!

Are you our first big winner on Go Bananas? We look forward to making the media announcement.

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