Online Poker Training Sites

The journey to becoming a better poker player is a lot easier now than it was years ago for the older generation of poker players and there is now an insane amount of poker strategy online. The days of having to read poker books are long gone and now most players join online poker training sites to become better poker players. A lot of the younger poker players don’t enjoy reading through books and find it much easier to train by watching videos.

The poker training industry has become crowded online over the past couple years, but it’s definitely a good thing because it gives us players plenty of options. Whether you’re looking to become a better ring table player, multi-table tournament player or heads up player, there are poker training sites out there that cater specifically to the playing style you want to improve in. We’re going to take a look at some of the biggest poker training sites below, but there are plenty of other options out there.

Best Poker Training Sites

• CardRunners has been the best poker training site in the industry forever now. There are over 2000+ poker training videos in the member’s library and new videos are added daily. Another popular area of the CardRunners site is the blogs section, which is where all of the pros regularly update members on strategy and news. If you want to view the quality of the videos at CardRunners there are plenty of free videos that you can watch on their website.

• Tournament Poker Edge is my favourite poker training site and that’s because I focus on MTT’s mainly. The strategy you’ll learn at TPE will help you master the biggest online MTT’s and you should have a positive ROI in the matter of days after joining the site. There isn’t that many videos, but they’re all focused around MTT’s and have been created by some of the best MTT poker pros in the industry.

• Advanced Poker Training is a new poker training site, but it’s definitely one that you should check out. The crew at APT have developed a software suite that lets you play against computer players in a variety of situations. The difficulty of the computer AI varies and becomes very difficult once you start progressing through the training. Every week you’ll receive reports with details on your sessions played and how you can fix your leaks.

The online poker world was full of fish a few years ago and it was easy to make money, but those days are gone now and you need to actually know what you’re doing if you expect to make money nowadays. Online poker training sites are vital if you want to become a successful online poker player and the initial investment is definitely worth it. It shouldn’t take long before you see a positive ROI from your investment and the strategy you learn will stay with you forever.

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