PKR Casino Guide

If you’re just starting out as an online casino player you should definitely start your gaming experience with the PKR Casino. PKR is most famously known for their incredible 3D poker room, but they’ve also developed a unique casino that stands out from the rest of the competition. The PKR Casino boasts an incredible selection of casino games, but more importantly, the casino games are all designed with the best 3D graphics I’ve seen in an online casino.

PKR Casino School

One of the reasons PKR Casino is an ideal place for beginner online casino players is because of the PKR Casino School. If you don’t know the rules to certain casino games you can learn them all in the PKR Casino School. Not only can you learn the rules of most casino games in the PKR Casino School, but you’ll also learn how the games work in the PKR Casino including how to win the progressive jackpots and much more.

PKR Casino Game Selection

All of the PKR Casino games are well-designed, as mentioned above. You can check out all of the casino games in the PKR Casino on their website and there is even a screenshot of each of the casino games. Most of the games use a lot of red in the design and it makes the games really pop-out compared to other casino games I’ve seen over the years. PKR Casino has one of the best selections of casino games including your favourite card games, table games, slot machines and video poker machines. You can even play several Asian inspired games in the casino including a variation of Pachinko and Mahjong.

PKR Casino Promotions

The PKR Casino offer players rewards immediately after they sign-up. On your very first deposit into the PKR Casino you’ll be welcomed with a 100% bonus for up to $200, which is great for a new player starting out. PKR Casino also operates a loyalty program where players earn comp points every time they play any of the casino games for real money. Comp points can be turned into cash and the higher you are in the loyalty program, the more cash you’ll be able to earn from your comp points.

If you’ve ever played PKR Poker before you can use the same account that you already have to access the PKR Casino, which will save some of you the time it takes to sign-up for a new account. PKR Casino offers world class player support and the casino also provides a lengthy list of safe deposit methods that players can use to fund their account. Most online casinos aren’t set-up for new casino players, but the PKR Casino has spent the time to ensure that new players have everything they need right under their nose.

This PKR Casino Guide will give you a small glimpse into the PKR Casino, but it’s recommended that you read over a full guide of the casino by following the link above. PKR Casino is ideal if you’re learning how to play casino games or if you’re just a beginner to the online casino world and want to have a place where you can bet while receiving advice and a place where you can bet small limits without any worries.

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