Poker Bonus Whoring Tips

Poker bonus whoring is a term that’s used by online poker players to describe players that go from poker room to poker room clearing as many bonuses as they can. If you’ve played online poker at all in the past than you most likely already know that poker sites offer bonuses to new players that make a 1st deposit.

When you make a deposit into a poker room for the first time you’ll receive a bonus, but the bonus isn’t turned into cash right away. Every poker bonus needs to be turned into real money by playing online poker with the site you signed up with. Most poker sites reward you with VIP points or something similar every time you play a real money poker hand or tournament. Once you earn enough VIP points to clear your poker bonus the bonus will be credited to your real money account and you’ll be able to do whatever you’d like with the money including withdrawing the money.

Tons of new poker players will go from poker site to poker site earning bonuses to increase their poker bankrolls. With hundreds in bonuses available from most poker sites it’s fairly easy to add a few thousand dollars to your poker bankroll within the first few months of playing. Follow the bonus whoring tips below and you’ll have your bonuses cleared in no time and you’ll be able to move on to the next poker bonus.

• The most important bonus whoring tip is to read through the terms of each poker bonus. Some poker sites have some very unfriendly terms that make it nearly impossible to earn the bonus money. If the terms aren’t clearly listed than you should move on to the next offer since you don’t want to risk playing with a site that can’t even be bothered to list their bonus terms in a place that’s easy to find on the site.

• If you only play one poker table at a time and you’re playing low limits or a small buy-in tournament you’re going to find that it takes forever to earn VIP points. The quickest way to earn VIP points is by playing multiple ring table games at the same time. You don’t need to play high limit poker or anything to clear your poker bonus, but you need to put in a large volume of hands, which is easily done by multi-tabling. If you only play your premium poker hands you’ll be able to clear bonuses quickly and you should also win some money on the tables.

• Once you clear a bonus you should withdraw your entire bankroll and put it towards the next bonus so that you can get the maximum bonus possible. However, if you’ve built up a $1000 bankroll and the next poker bonus you want to clear is 100% for up to $600 you should only deposit the necessary $600 into the poker room.

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