Real Time Gaming Halloween Slots

You are set for a frightening good time with Real Time Gaming this Halloween with all the creepiness you need in ours thrilling selections of slots.

Count Spectacular: Frightening features will activate enigmatic free spins and spooky expanding wilds, surprisingly good scatters and bonus features on 5 reels with 25 paylines offering a progressive jackpot with unheard of good rewards. Whispering bats, doorknockers, hand mirrors, lanterns, stagecoach and garlic are smelling up the reels for real unnerving wins on outrageous amounts of winning combinations.

Goblins Treasure: Scheming Goblins, feared giants and conspiratorial dragons impatiently wait on 5 reels and 25 paylines to scare the shaking good features out on you with ghostly win-win features, scatters, wilds and wild multipliers all building up to horrific wins on a progressive jackpot. The shattering feared symbols includes Cyclops, ogres, gems in green, mysterious leather covered book, sheath’s sword and a shield of copper.

Monster Mayhem: Disaster spreads across the 5 reels and 50 paylines causing mayhem re-spins, discomforting wilds, bloodcurdling scatters and large varieties of winning combinations. Terror causes symbols to fall deeper into reels of fear presenting scared women, terrifying news bulletins reporting on monster mayhem, exploding water hydrants, crashing cars, unsettling large monster foot prints, terrified policemen, smash and crash wilds and searchlights shining deep into the night.

Warlocks Spell: Bloodcurdling witches and fear chasing warlocks casts wild spells on 5 reels with 20 paylines offering brave players creepy wilds, chilling scatters and potion prizes with a chance to trigger the progressive jackpot. The black cat will cross your path in the duration of play stringing along symbols of cauldron, magic crystal ball, and star sparkling poker symbols.

You can satisfy all your Halloween cravings with phenomenal wins from these slots chosen to give you the best Halloween ever!

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