Vegas Technology Software

The company from Canada was started in 1998 and brought the online casino industry to a stand still. Their fresh look at how to create and develop games set a benchmark for others to follow.

Their easy to play, efficient and well thought out software has been the cornerstone of the market. They acquired Go Casino and Online Vegas which catapulted them to the forefront of the industry.

They have developed their software into being a small file which needs to be downloaded. It is quick and easy to obtain, making it far more accessible than others out there.

As video slots and video poker are more popular online than any other, Vegas Technology have focussed on providing many of these games. There are over 200 fantastic games to choose from, which included classic table games such as Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Black Jack

Adding in more variations of the same games, such a Crazy 21, Pontoon and American Roulette has allowed Vegas Technology to succeed immensely.

Not only are there amazing graphics but the jackpots are huge too. The bright and vibrant games lend themselves perfectly to the popular slots games which can allow players to win millions of dollars in their progressive versions.

The sound effects are so well executed, you would be forgiven if you though they were actual sound clips from a real life casino.

Not only can players adjust sounds, card dealing speed and the dealers voice, but many other features allow the user to have complete control over their games.

There are two versions of Vegas Technology’s casino games. The first is the instant play which allows players to sample certain games in the website’s browser.

The other is to download the full software which brings the full collection of games and even more impressive graphics. This allows players to utilize the extra features and types of games such as progressive and tournaments.

Black Jack, video poker and video slots dominate the tournament page. They run daily, weekly and monthly. This allows players to choose their preference and aim for the huge jackpot which usually ensues.

Progressive games, similar to multiplayer ones, are predominately for players who want massive jackpot pay outs but do not want to sit and player for long stints as in the tournaments.

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