What PKR Bonus Should You Claim?

PKR Poker offer two first deposit bonuses for new players and you need to decide which bonus would work best based on your bankroll, but thankfully the choice isn’t that difficult. If you’re planning on making a small deposit then you should take the instant bonus, but if you’re going to make a deposit over $10 you should definitely take the match bonus. The clearing requirements at PKR Poker are very lenient and it won’t take long to add a few hundred extra dollars to your bankroll.

PKR Instant Bonus

The PKR Poker instant bonus is ideal if you only plan on depositing a small amount of money or if you don’t want to have to worry about clearing the match bonus. When you sign-up to PKR Poker and make your 1st deposit you need to use the code “Instant” in order to claim the $10 instant bonus. Once you’re finished your deposit you only need to earn 1 PKR Point in order to clear the entire $10 instant bonus, which is a very good deal and ideal for casual poker players that don’t want to worry about clearing a full match bonus.

PKR Match Bonus

PKR Poker also offers a match bonus, which is what most poker players take advantage of at PKR Poker. The match bonus is a full 100% for up to $800, which is quite a bit bigger than the bonuses offered by other poker sites. You need to earn 225 PKR points per $1 of the bonus and PKR Poker won’t release the bonus until you earn the entire bonus, which is why you need to ensure that you can earn the full bonus. PKR Poker will give you sixty days to earn the bonus from the time of your 1st deposit, which is ample time for most poker players to clear the PKR match bonus. If you want to claim the match bonus from PKR you need to use the bonus code “PKRBONUS”.

PKR Poker Bonus Perks

PKR Poker offer several extra perks for 1st time depositors regardless of what sign-up bonus you choose above. Players receive 5 tickets to enter the $500 Daily Premium Freeroll Tickets and 1 $1000 Premium Freeroll Ticket. Players will also be given 1500 PKR points, which you can use to spend on customizing your 3D PKR poker player. It costs PKR points to purchase items from the store, but 1500 is plenty to get started out and it doesn’t take long to start earning more in the PKR poker room.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the PKR Bonus you’ll be ready to start playing in the world’s best 3D online poker room. If you’re in doubt as to whether or not you can earn the full match bonus before it expires you should most likely take the $10 instant bonus, as it’s better than not receiving anything.

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