Where Can I Play Online Roulette?

Online roulette can be played in online casinos, but not every online casino is worth playing in. There are a few online casinos that offer several roulette variations and these are the sites you want to play at. Roulette variations are similar, but have slight rule changes that make the game a bit different and more exciting. We’ve spent time comparing different roulette games and there is no doubt that European roulette or French roulette offer the best value to players because of the low house edge.

Best Online Roulette Games

When you play roulette you want to make sure you play on a European roulette table or French roulette table. There isn’t much of a different between these two games and American roulette except for one feature. European roulette only has one zero on the roulette wheel while American roulette has a “0” and “00” on the wheel. The payouts are the exact same in all three of the roulette games, but the house edge is bigger in American roulette due to the extra zero on the roulette wheel.

European roulette and French roulette games have the same numbers on the wheel and the payouts are the exact same. The only difference is the design of the roulette table, but don’t let that confuse you. Playing either of these two roulette games offer the player the best odds of winning and lowers the house edge. Since many online casinos have multiple variations of roulette available there is no reason not to play European or French roulette.

Some online casinos also offer mini-roulette, which is just a mini version of roulette. The roulette wheel only has numbers 0-12 and the house edge is actually bigger due to the payouts offered on the game. This may seem like a fun way to play roulette, but if you’re serious about making money then you don’t want to play mini-roulette in any of the online casinos that offer this game. You may also find “racetrack roulette” offered at certain online casinos and it’s similar to European roulette except there is an extra area on the table with unique bets that aren’t offered in any other roulette games.

Best Online Roulette Casinos

  • Bet365 Casino is by far the best online casino to play roulette if you live outside of the United States. You can play European roulette, American roulette, racetrack roulette and mini-roulette in the casino. Bet365 also has a live dealer casino where you can play live roulette with real dealers instead of playing on a table that uses RNG’s. Once you make your 1st deposit you’ll earn a 100% match bonus for up to a total of $200.
  • Rushmore Casino is the online casino we recommend to players living in the USA. You can play American roulette and European roulette in the casino only right now, but European roulette offers the best odds anyways, so you don’t need any other variations. When you make your 1st deposit into Rushmore Casino you’ll earn a 100% bonus for up to $400 and on your 2nd deposit you’ll be able to earn a 100% bonus for up to $488.

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