Where to Play Online Slots

There are a ton of different online casinos in the industry that provide online slots. Even some poker sites and bingo sites have online slots available on their software for players. Online slots are one of the easiest games to develop and there are always new slot machines being built for online casinos too use. I tend to play in a few online casinos because each of them offer different online slots that you can play and I always love playing a variety of different online slots when I play.

Traditional 3-Reel Slots

• The number of traditional 3-reel slots available in online casinos is becoming smaller because of the fact that most people don’t want to play them online. 3-reel slots are definitely the easiest type of online slot to play because there are often a limited number of winning paylines. Most 3-reel slots also use old themes such as fruits, numbers, and symbols among several other themes.

Modern 5-Reel Slots

• Almost all of the new online slots online today are 5-reels and have a ton of paylines. A lot of slots today have at least 20+ paylines because they not only make the casinos more money, but they’re also a lot more entertaining for players to play when compared with most of the 3-reel slot machines.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

• Progressive jackpots slots are the same as regular slots except players will have the chance to win a jackpot as well as the normal payouts. Jackpots can reach the millions on some of the online slots, which is truly a life-changing amount of money for most people.


• iSlots have been popular amongst the online slot crowd for a while now because they’re a lot more than just basic slot machines. In each of the iSlots you’ll be able to progress through a storyline while you play the slot machine, which is almost like playing a video game except you’re playing for real money.

Superhero Slots

• Some online casinos have superhero slots such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk and many others that are fun to play. A few of the superhero slot machines have bonuses and jackpots that you can win while playing. Superhero slots also have some of the best graphics that you’ll ever find online.

Where to Play Online Slots?

As I mentioned there are a ton of places online to play online slots, but one of my favourites is Bodog Casino. They don’t have a ton of online slots available, but all of the ones they offer are top of the line in terms of quality. Some of my personal favourite online slots in the Bodog Casino include Cleopatra’s Gold, Aztec’s Treasure, Caesar’s Empire and Super Diamond Mine. All of the online slots can be played instantly through your web browser. I also like the fact that the Bodog Casino lets you try out all of the online slots for free before playing them for real money.

When you first sign-up to the Bodog Casino and make a new account you’ll be able to earn a bonus. The Bodog Casino is 100% of the size of your 1st deposit with the most you can earn being limited to $200. Since you don’t need to download any software you can start playing online slots within seconds by clicking through to the Bodog Casino.

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