William Hill: A Unique Bet Pays out Big to Charity

William Hill has been in the news lately for a feel-good pay out on Federer’s Wimbledon win.

When Roger Federer recently won against Britain’s Andy Murray, taking his seventh Wimbledon title and matching a long-standing tennis record, he also won big for UK charity Oxfam International. Oxfam received £101,840 from William Hill upon Federer’s win, a pay out on a nine-year-old bet by a deceased UK recluse, Nick Newlife.

In 2003, tennis fan Newlife placed a wager worth £1,520 with William Hill, betting that the then 21-year-old Federer would win seven Wimbledon titles before 2020. Newlife, who died in 2009 at 59, left the betting slip in his will, naming Oxfam the beneficiary. Spokesman of William Hill, Graham Sharpe, said Oxfam’s windfall was “one of the most remarkable bets we have ever accepted.”

Andrew Barton, from Oxfam, is reported as saying that watching the match had been difficult because of his split loyalties. “It’s just so unfortunate that he nailed it against Andy Murray,” he said.

“I was just sitting there watching the tennis and I kept finding myself calling for Murray, particularly in that long game in the third set.  “And then my head is telling me: Andrew, remember Oxfam gets the money if Federer wins.”

This is not the first time Oxfam, an international charity that works to find solutions to poverty and injustice, has won a wager on Federer. William Hill paid out £16,750 to the charity in 2009 on a £250 bet Newlife placed that Federer would win 14 Grand Slam events.

This Wimbledon title was the 17th Grand Slam win for the Swiss champ, who now ties American Pete Sampras for the most Wimbledon wins; William Renshaw, a nineteenth-century tennis star, also won seven Wimbledon titles.

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